Images from IMMERSION PLAY @ The Connelly Theater in NYC - p.c. Shoshana Medney.



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Charlotte and Susan Cushman’s sisterly rendition of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with Charlotte as Romeo and Susan as Juliet, has turned out to be far more popular and profitable than they ever imagined. Back in their hometown of Boston after playing to sold out houses in London, the sisters remount the show with a new addition: a female actor named Joan now plays Benvolio. But when circumstances give Joan an opportunity to step in as Juliet opposite Charlotte’s Romeo, Charlotte is confronted with her own undeniable romantic attraction to this new Juliet. Loosely based on real events in the life of American actor Charlotte Cushman—beloved for her “britches” roles and one of the most famous lesbians of the nineteenth-century—this play celebrates the steadfastness of sisters in the face of the exhilarating, romantic, and often cruel world of the theatre.

Finalist for 2019 Pegasus PlayLab

Primavera, or The Quiverfull Play

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27-year-old Hannah confronts the legalism of her southern religious community when the older David, a former love interest, returns for a family wedding. The man’s homecoming to the fundamentalist, “quiverfull” Christian community of his upbringing reconnects him with his peers and siblings who stayed behind. Loosely inspired by Botticelli’s renaissance painting of the same name, the play is told in part through characters’ dreams, as well as a chorus composed of The Three Graces. 

Finalist for 2018 SheNYC summer theater festival

Immersion Play

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Megan asks her Mexican boyfriend, Domingo, to only speak Spanish with her to help her improve her elementary language skills for their upcoming trip to Mexico City.  The experience of speaking his native language with the woman he loves prompts him to start telling her some big secrets. Half English and half Spanish, this bilingual play restricts subtitles in performance. This forces the audience to alternate between being insiders and outsiders, depending on how much they speak of each language. 

Premiered in NYC at the 2019 SheNYC Summer Theater Festival, the connelly theater; directed by sandy doria

Julie on her Knees (after Strindberg)

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John, a religion reporter, spends a midsummer’s evening interviewing a brilliant female PhD student at a Southern Baptist seminary, whose dissertation in favor of female submission is making waves in conservative evangelical circles.

Inspired by Strindberg’s Miss Julie.